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Origin of Tv 4 u

Since 2010, I have wished to build such a project. After 8 years of development and refinement, the first interactive online streaming service for the commodities market and commodities trading has been launched.

Behind it is more than just a platform for another advertisement-funded Internet project. Its features include:

-Analysis of goods at their place of production
-Analysis of the market
-Prediction of market developments
-Chart analysis for raw materials
-Discussions of trends in the market for raw materials

CFC KG does not see itself as an investment advisor or provider of real estate, funds, stocks, IPOs or other investment opportunities with its various offerings, but as your point of contact for fair, objective and independent financial education as well as much more.

About Thorsten Schuell

With more than 25 years' experience in finance, and having lived in 10 countries, Thorsten Schuell is probably an exception in terms of his lived experiences. Mr Schuell has lived in the following countries and territories: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and, last but not least, he is familiar with US customs. He now draws on these lived experiences through a video blog and explains the risks and opportunities that you face as a private investor.

At the age of 20, Mr. Schuell laid the foundations for this activity at the then subsidiary of ABN AMRO BANK - MeesPierson Ltd. He was placed in London as a trainee and later commodities trader. He follows this passion until today and trades actively in the commodity markets with his own money.

Privately, Mr. Schuell is a friend of the arts and therefore has a private interest in presenting and commenting on the topic.


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