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Bock on start-up, on entrepreneurship and try to change the world? Then you are exactly right with us.

The CFC group of companies is an international company and has been active in the market for high-quality continuing education for more than 3 years. We are working on digitizing and modeling a new and modern online TV station in the commodities trading sector. In our dynamic business environment, we are now looking for employees or freelancers who contribute to our corporate success through their personal dedication and passion for financial infotainment. Due to the many advantages of the home office you can expect a challenging task in which you can move a lot.


Sending emails

Distribution - Using the Affiliate Links from Digistore

Implementation of exciting new advertising concepts in cooperation with CFC

Creation in cooperation with CFC of an exclusive offer for your own e-mail list

We offer you:

An innovative way of individualized advertising for your own customer loyalty (Exclusive offers)

Fair and fast billing using Digistore

Additional bonus through bonus payments

Project-oriented work

Our requirements:

You have a Digistore account

You have a basic knowledge of finance and stock market products

You are reliable, motivated and team-oriented

You're burning for social media and advertising

Then you are exactly right here

To the offered Digistore commission we pay to all AFFILIAT & SOCIALMEDIA INFLUENCER an additional 25% of the net profit (Calculated on a quarterly basis: Example 10 Influencer + 10 affiliate partners together generate 100.000 € net profit we pay 25.000 € to 20 partners additionally as success commission, this would be on top for every € 1,250, but for freelancers, of course, against submission of a corresponding invoice. (Condition for Affiliate Freelancers: Accompanying quarterly credits must be submitted in time and be deemed approved by CFC, in which case, digistor billing would be sufficient) / p>